RCA "Deluxe" Emblem Replica

Many of the RCA TV sets with the "Deluxe" emblem have been broken over the years. The original emblem is die cast Zinc and due to the delicate nature of the casting it is particularly prone to being broken. Specifically the capital "D" is usually broken off due to being snaged on a dusting cloth. Over the years I have acquired a number of sets that had a damaged "Deluxe" emblem and they are only available if you can find a set to steal one from. A number of other collectors expressed a desire to be able to obtain a reproduction emblem if somebody would make them. So I decided to take the task upon myself and have a run of these hard to find parts made up. I have only a limited number of these available, and when they are all gone I will take this page down. So if the page is showing, I still have some for sale. The price is $21 plus $5 shipping and handling. If you would like to purchase one or more of these parts, email me with the number of emblems you want to buy and I will reply with my mailing address so you can mail me payment.

The emblems are cast in a mold made from an original RCA "Deluxe" emblem. They are cast in solid pewter and then brass plated, polished and lacquered to retard tarnishing. Mounting pins are steel and located so that they will fit into the original holes on the RCA TV set.