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Thanks for stopping by and browsing my web site. I'm still in the beginning stages of developing this web site and have many more pages yet to develop.

I am a noob at web design, and this is my first attempt at building a web site. Fortunately, through the use of Dreamweaver, I have been able to build most of the design elements that I envisioned, without learning much HTML. My primary goal was to make my site user friendly, and easy to navigate. It was that goal which prompted me to use "Framesets" rather than individually displayed pages. I like the concept that keeps a menu in constant view in the left window pane, while the main page viewing window changes. Also, in order to keep page downloads as small as possible, I decided to only use thumbnails in the actual story pages, and then link those thumbnails to the full resolution photo pages. Doing this involves the creation of many more pages in the web site development process, but hopefully results in a more pleasant web browsing experience for the viewer.

I hope you've enjoyed the pages that are already posted, and that you will stop by again in the future, as this web site evolves. If you have any questions or have suggestions, please feel free to contact me through the email link below.

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Thanks again for stopping by, and I look forward to hearing from you,