Bob's Bunker The Construction Video Part 1

The following time lapse video was created using a color CCD security cam that I mounted on the roof of my house. The cam output standard NTSC composite video that was supplied via a coax cable to a video capture card that I installed into a dedicated DELL desk top compter in my home office. I installed a Haupague 558 capture card in the DELL PC and I used a time lapse capture program called Handi AVI. The video was captured only on construction days when the workers were here. Handi AVI was configured to capture one frame of video every 20 seconds. So each minute of this video represents 10 acutal hours of construction. I captured the video in AVI format using PICVideo M-JPEG 3 Vfw Codec. Each day of capture was saved as a seperate AVI file. The Collection of AVI files was imported into Studio 10 which was used for editing and the resultant product was saved again as a single contiguous AVI file. The final video you see here is an Adobe Flash Video file that was compressed from the full resolution AVI file (of over 6GB) into a FLASH video format file (of 216MB) by using Riva FLV encoder.

I hope you enjoy the movie!

Part one of the video, starts with preliminary site preparation in July 2012 and ends in the first week of December 2012, when we got our first snow fall of the season. At that point construction was haulted until we could resume construction in the spring when good weather returned.

PLEASE NOTE: These videos are SILENT.