Bob's Bunker Page 96

I got a great deal on solid, pre-finished 3/4" Oak hard wood flooring from Menards. Only paid $2.25/sq.ft. about $2 less than comprable material would have cost me from Bumber Liquidators. It took me and my friend Chris 5 days to install the 420 sq.ft.of oak flooring. But it was all worth it because it is so beautiful. This photo shows the rack shelving in place which will be used to hold the small tv sets in my collection. Large console sets will go below sitting on the floor. The top shelf of the rack is used for storing spare New Old Stock picture tubes.

Below the window at the back wall is the stairwell that goes down to the garage level. The room is climate controlled by a HVAC system that is located in the mechanical room, in the basement level, under the garage. The room is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.
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