Bob's Bunker Page 91

Every project encounters some sort of unexpected glitch. This project had it share of glitches. Here we see the consequences of an asumption. The asumption was that utility lines run along the property lines. This is not always the case. We built the garage at the required legal set back of 3 feet from the property line. However the utility lines running at the back of my city lot are encroaching my lot by more than 2 feet 6 inches, placing the utility lines about 6 inches from the back wall of the garage. Most of the wires are low voltage communication cables, however the uppermost power line is a 13,200 volt primary line. We called the electric company and they came over to take a look. We were too close to the primary wire and we would have to pay to move the wire. 4 weeks and $1700 later the electric company came and move the wire 3 feet farther away from the garage and all was fine.
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