Bob's Bunker Page 78

Detail of the roof structure. In order to get approval from the Village of Whitefish bay for the construction of a large 2 story garage, it was necessary to design the "LOOK" of the garage roof lines to match those of my house. To get the "LOOK" right for approval from the village board, and still have a minimum of 8 foot tall ceilings in the 2nd story, we needed to create "dormers" along the sides of the garage. This allowed us to have a "PEAK" on the front and rear faces of the garage which resemble the roof line of my home.

To accomplish this design a center ridge structure was engineered which supports the roof of the dormers without any supporting walls inside the 2nd story room. The span from side to side across the 2nd story roof is 22 feet. The center of the roof is supported by 6, 2" thick 14" tall microlams that are 25 feet long which can be seen in this photo. The ends of the microlams sit on the front and rear walls of the garage and the load is passed from the microlams down through the rear wall of the garage to the footing. At the front the load is transfered through the front end wall into the 12" header beam above the garage door, and then down into the garage footing by way of the steel support posts at each end of the header beam.

IN the end this design creates a 420 square foot room above the garage which is free from any internal walls giving me the freedom to use the space in any way I need to.
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