Bob's Bunker Page 66

This is the second phase of the concrete flatwork. The men are pouring a stoop where the rear entry door to the garage will eventually be located. We will also be pouring the interior garage slab which the cars will be parked on.

In this photo you can see that the EPS (expanded polystyrene) in the right side of the photo has been covered with fiberglass sheets. The fiberglass sheets will form a protective barrier to prevent anyone from puncturing the EPDM rubber membrane below with a garden spade.

You can also see that the area inside the garage footings has been filled with EPS to a thickness of about 14", and then covered with wire mesh. Because the concrete slab inside the garage will have the weight of 2 cars parked on it, we decided to use lightweight EPS as a fill instead of gravel. This saves about 80 pounds/square foot of dead weight inside the garage where the cars will be parked.
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