Bob's Bunker Page 55

It is now spring of 2013 and construction has resumed. The first item of business was to install a waterproofing membrane over the concrete roof deck to prevent water from seeping through. For this purpose we used .060" thick EDPM roofing rubber. We purchased the rubber in 20 foot wide by 100 foot long rolls. By using large peices we were able to cover the entire concrete roof deck with the rubber and only have 2 seams. To protect the rubber membrane, a 1" thick layer of EPS (expanded polystyrene foam) was placed on the concret deck. Then the EDPM membrane was installed and then covered with a second layer of 1" EPS. With the rubber sandwiched between 2, 1" thick layers of EPS the rubber has a cushion which allows the rubber to flex and stretch when pressure is applied. By allowing the rubber to stretch it prevents the possibility of the rubber puncturing and causing a leak.

In the photo above you see copper sheet. This is 16 ounce roofing copper. Copper sheet is sold by weight. This comes in 36" x 120" long sheets. 30 Square feet, and a sheet weighs 30 pounds. One pound per square foot (16 ounces/ square foot) and so is called 16 Ounce copper. In the next photo I will explain what we used this copper for.
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