Bob's Bunker Page 47

Now that the concrete basement floor has been poured, it was time to lower the heavy machinery into the basement. There were a number of large items that needed to be lowered into the basement before the concrete roof cap was poured, because these large items would have been to heavy and to large to bring down the stairs by hand afterward. In this photo you see Menzel crane service rigging my milling machine for the lift. The milling machine weighs 3500 pounds. In addition to the Milling machine, we lowered my machine lathe, Rockwell 14" table saw, the dust collector, the Rockwell 13" planer, the 8" long bed jointer, my 4' x 8' workbench, the combination belt/disc sander, the 5hp 60 gallon air compressor, the Safety Speedcut panel saw, and a wooden pallet holding my entire Sams PhotoFact library.
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